netcraft logoFreeBSD is again taking the top 2 in the Netcraft Reliable Hosting survey. and New York Internet, both running FreeBSD, were at place 1 and 2 respectively in January 2009. and New York Internet were the most reliable hosting company sites during January 2009. These sites responded to all of the requests made by Netcraft’s performance collectors throughout the month, with no failed requests. was founded in 1992 as Abacus America, Inc., and began offering Internet services in 1995 and hosting services in 1998. Aplus’ web site states that they have 250 employees, over 100,000 customers and 6,000 dedicated server customers. They run Apache on FreeBSD, and last made the top spot in June 2008.

New York Internet also runs Apache on FreeBSD site, and was also tied for first last month.

In the top 10: FreeBSD: 4, Linux: 4, Windows: 1, unknown: 1

Source: (Feb 2008)