Martin Wilke announced that KDE 4.2 (FreeBSD) is ready for testing. He’s also interested to find out how many users are using KDE4 on FreeBSD 6.4. As there are only 2 people actively working on porting KDE4 and keeping it up-to-date, it’s too time consuming to keep FBSD 6.4 supported. If you’re able and willing to help Martin and his team, please let him know.

KDE 4.2 is more or less ready for testing, but we have some open tasks before we will officially call for testing. We would like to know how many people are still using KDE4 on FreeBSD 6.4? We are considering dropping support for 6.x.

Let me explain.

First of all it is sad to say, but currently there are only 2 people who actively work on KDE4. It is _really_hard work to get KDE4 ready for FreeBSD. Also it is getting harder to build KDE4 with gcc 3.x. Of couse if somebody want to support KDE4 on 6.x you are welcome to our team! Try to compile KDE, make patches and push them upstream! So, in order to move forward we may have to drop 6.x support. We just don’t have the manpower to build multiple versions.

Read further and leave a comment about dropping/keeping KDE4/FBSD6.4 support.