available: KDE 4.2.0 (“The Answer”) for FreeBSD

Martin Wilke has announced the availability of KDE 4.2.0 for FreeBSD. KDE 4.2 (for Linux) was announced on 27 January and only 2 weeks later it’ been ported to FreeBSD by Martin and his team.

What is new:

Where KDE 4.1 was, according to the development team, “aimed at casual users”, KDE 4.2 is billed as a “compelling
offering for the majority of end users.” There have been further enhancements to the plasma desktop with new applets allowing better desktop customisation. The configuration options for the desktop have also been expanded and the revamped system tray shows reports from every conceivable process, from system messages to the status of large downloads.

The KWin window manager has learned a couple of new tricks. By default, it now switches on 3D and compositing effects automatically, on suitable hardware and manages these effects autonomously, without the aid of Compiz. With the help of the new Kephal library, the window manager now offers additional options for running multiple monitors.

The Dolphin file manager has been partly revised, and should now be easier to use. As part of the Google Summer of Code, KMail has been redesigned, resulting in both a better appearance and better IMAP support. The KDE browser Konqueror also includes several new features.

New supported languages include Arabic, Icelandic, Basque, Hebrew, Romanian, Tajik and several Indian languages (Bengali India, Gujarati, Kannada, Maithili, Marathi) indicating a rise in popularity in this part of Asia.

New ports for KDE 4.2.0:

  • arabic/kde4-l10n Arabic
  • misc/kde4-l10n-bn_IN Bengali (India)
  • misc/kde4-l10n-eu Basque
  • misc/kde4-l10n-gu Gujarati
  • hebrew/kde4-l10n Hebrew
  • misc/kde4-l10n-is Icelandic
  • misc/kde4-l10n-kn Kannada
  • misc/kde4-l10n-mai Maithili
  • misc/kde4-l10n-mr Marathi
  • misc/kde4-l10n-ro Romanian
  • misc/kde4-l10n-tg Tajik
  • math/eigen2 Lightweight library for vector and matrix math
  • graphics/kipi-plugins-kde4 KDE4 kipi graphics plugins
  • sysutils/policykit-kde PolicyKit manager for KDE

FreeBSD 6.4 support is dropped.

Many thanks to Martin for his dedication and hard work


  1. Lucho says

    Just a week ago I finish installing KDE 4.2 on a FreeBSD laptop, what a disappointment!!!!
    Ok, I have to say that the KDE guys had made a wonderful work with the graphics and appearance, also it comes with all the goodies that you will expect from KDE. They had made a wonderfull job with all the applications (Okular, gwenview and dolphin) and the new concepts for the desktop are great.
    The Bad:
    1. Stability: do you fear the blue screen of dead? believe me that is a walk in the park!
    Plasma just crashes at every opportunity it has, and I am not even doing some heavy use of the computer, just browsing and may be configuring a plasmoid. Sometimes the crash is so bad that it will completely lock the computer and I will have to do a hard reboot! I did not had such problems with KDE 3.2. Well actually I did once in a while but only with applications but not bringing the whole system down!
    2. Memory hug: The system will turn really unresponsive here and there, same deal not heavy computing just a few application’s open and this thing will run to a turtle pase. I have 1gb RAM and AMD 64 athlon 2.5 Mhz (ok starting to get a little bit old but still) so this should not happen, the install was compile specifically for the hardware not by installing ports so what gives?
    Features usability:
    Here I have mix feelings since I run into the same problem with my previous install of KDE 3.2. I am referring to applets and in this new version plasmoids. They do not work as they should and I am not intending to spend hours on end chasing around trying to get one apple to work properly, a few examples:
    Battery monitor: Useless out of the box, kind of puzzles me cause I install also PC-BSD and it worked just fine on first start on that system. (system was slow and crashed too for no reasons, not any better)
    Weather monitor: After every logout I will have to reset the whole thing so it will properly get the weather station, pretty annoying. Also this was a major headache because it will crash the entire system once in a while
    Other system issues:
    Power management: A few things work others don’t, can they get every thing to work and work right on the first try? is it that much to ask?
    Sound system: It work ok right away but after a few days running the system it decided to tell me that my sound car did not existed any more and was not usable. Phonon will show it as disable and all the KDE multimedia utilities (Dragon, Kjunk- box, etc) will not work! so I ended expending a few hours trying to figure it out, even upgrading FreeBSD. At the end the card was actually working fine but KDE will say that it was not; I had xmms and it would work no problem!
    Dragon: why on earth developers keep producing a myriad of applications intending to replace software that works just fine (Xine in this case) ??
    I ended installing xine any way because dragon just sucks
    My first experience with Kde (3.2) was great , I had issus here and there but not as bad as this new one. This new 4.2 version still has a long,very long way to go!
    I am trying Xfce 4.6 right know and loving it!
    Last comment is not intended to start one of those flame wars. Each user is pretty much on his own to find the application of software that best fits his/her needs. Is not that the beauty of open source???

  2. Deuce63 says

    just installed KDE 4.2 on my brand spanking new FreeBSD box, and it’s pretty sluggish. At first I thought it was just me…

    Then I went digging on Google; found that others have very similar problems on FreeBSD specifically. On Linuxes, it works great apparently.

    One dude figures it as something to do with how KDE interacts with the dbus….

    Ah well, guess we’ll just have to wait for someone to fix that issue

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