FreeBSD 7.1 on VMware Workstation 6.5 (howto)

Last week we wrote about VirtualBSD, a pre-configured vmware appliance that can be used in VMware Workstation or the VMware Player.

If you want to use another window manager, for instance, or want to install a minimal installation, why not do create your own virtual FreeBSD in VMware?

This howto ( shows step-by-step with screenshots how to install FreeBSD 7.1 on VMWare Workstation.

Thanks, Edmondas, for reporting.


  1. says

    I use VMWare Fusion (Mac) and run a FreeBSD 7.1 image, and it works great. I tried unsuccessfully to run multiple versions of FreeBSD under VirtualBox and had issue after issue, and I’m not the only one.

    If you want to run FreeBSD virtualized, then VMWare is my suggestion.

  2. George says

    With the exception that FreeBSD performance under VMWare is problematic at best. I am running a number of instances on ESX3.5, patched up to the latest and greatest. I have the e1000 net driver and kern.hz=100. Slow for both network and disk. Extremely slow on the same box when compared to Debian 5.0. And no, I don’t really like linux. I have been using BSD’s (all three) for many years on all sorts of platforms, from Soekris embedded boxes up to Sparc64 SMP servers. I much prefer BSD’s, and FreeBSD has been my preferred choice for over two years. Alas, if it would only run well under VMWare.

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