DesktopBSD; what’s happened?

It’s been quiet around DesktopBSD the last few months. It’s been a looooong time since the last stable release, and many months since the last publicly available snapshot. There aren’t any blog updates and the subdomain is dead.

The forums are quite quiet; not as busy as they used to be.

I emailed Peter Hofer, the founder of the project,  but have not heard from him since. Others are complaining about this too.

Anybody aware of what’s happening with DesktopBSD? Please let us know in the comments.


  1. says

    I was making the same question a few days ago, i used DesktopBSD some time ago but when i updated my PC the latest DesktopBSD didn’t start the installer so i had to install FreeBSD and configure it… anyway i think PCBSD actually is the best FreeBSD based for desktop it’s VERY active lately, just now i’m downloading 7.1 ALPHA2, it looks really great.
    But… i want to know about DesktopBSD it would be very sad to loss this great project, i simply love its DesktopBSD-Tools.

  2. says

    DesktopBSD 1.7 release was planned to be built on 7.1-PRERELEASE but later 7.1-RELEASE is chosen. The new snapshots are being built on weekly basis. Previous snapshots were built on 7.1-RELEASE-p2 and last ones built on 7.1-RELEASE-p3. So users will get an upto date DesktopBSD instead of RC and PRERELEASE of FreeBSD 7.1

    Tough I am looking forward to get the 1.7 release, it will not be released untill all bugs eliminated. So you may help with testing the snapshots and supplying feed back.

  3. Eric (HeavensRevenge) says

    Yes the news and advertising on DesktopBSD is very far and few in between, _but_ honestly how different is the parent FreeBSD itself?? Not like FreeBSD advertises as much as PC-BSD and iXsystems TO ME DesktopBSD IS THE _BEST_ desktop implementation of a desktop BSD even over PC-BSD, the pbi’s are nice BUT to manage native ports are the best thing ever which allows bias of binaries over compiling which is perfect, also the DesktopBSD servers are also build servers which provide massive binaries as native compiled packages to add onto the pkg_add, not a whole other implementation, but an empowerment of the current way its tried and true to the FreeBSD way. The next awesome part is 64-bit builds of their snapshots UNLIKE PC-BSD which only seem to have occasional 64 bit snapshot builds. Also I’d like to add I LOVE DesktopBSD for staying on KDE3 and NOT moving to KDE4, I’m very unwilling to migrate to KDE4 UNTIL the KDE guys start optimizing core functions they have now and not just constantly building on features that run suuuuper slow, ala window drawing in KDE4’s KWin.

    So enjoy my little rant audience and Gerard and I hope DesktopBSD still stays as awesome as ever, it ACTUALLY IS my favorite BSD other than FreeBSD itself :).

  4. Eric (HeavensRevenge) says

    So given this, and our feedback, do you think you owe DesktopBSD some +POSITIVE+ press?? :P Personally I’d also suggest some DBSD compliments if/when u have a try for yourself to see PC-BSD’s only true competition and partner for a desktop FreeBSD in my mind :D Since I do believe you help PC-BSD directly, so try your only competition and rate it and help enhance PC-BSD based on DesktopBSD’s strengths, since DesktopBSD has a leg up on PC-BSD for me and my usage man :P

  5. says

    I reply to myself… i installed DesktopBSD again, PC-BSD is good but KDE 4.2 can’t be used for daily use and the way is focusing PC-BSD, split PBI and FreeBSD ports i didn’t like, because everytime i want to install a port i’ve to run a special terminal and open another special terminal for run ports… so i run DesktopBSD as my main OS again :-).

  6. says

    Peter wrote in the forums he said he will not be spending much time on it. No major fixes or upgrades unless it’s a security risk. He will not upgrade kde 4. So Desktopbsd is pretty much dead unless there will be a new developer coming. I tried PCBSD but it couldn’t even get my video card right, logging out with kde and trying to get into xfce I was left hanging.
    NetBSD is working on a gui install and so is JIBBED.

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