Should Microsoft do an Apple? Shwan Tan doesn’t see any reason, apart from pride, why MS can’t use BSD for Windows’ core:


I had this short conversation with several people the other day, where I mentioned about Windows. I wondered why Microsoft has not decided to build the next version of Windows on the BSD kernel. Besides the sin of pride, I really couldn’t think of any technical reason not to.

BSD is a distribution of Unix created by UC Berkeley. Unix is an operating system developed in 1969. Through the years, it has evolved into an extremely secure and stable OS. People who use real computers (not toy computers) use variants of Unix. There is no technical reason why Microsoft cannot just use BSD and rid the whole world of numerous security problems. A company that has finally decided to do exactly that, after going their own way, is Apple. Just in case you didn’t know, Apple uses a BSD operating system. They then designed a ultra cool user interface on top of it. Microsoft could always copy Apple – they do it all the time anyway.

He goes into:

  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Proprietary Software, and
  • Technical Superiority

and concludes

Microsoft should seriously consider doing an Apple. It will end up doing the whole world a favour by introducing ’safe computing’ to the masses instead of introducing new infections with every new version of Windows.

Read the whole article (, 02/03/2009)