askozia pbx logoMichael from the AskoziaPBX project sent round an update on the progress of AskoziaPBX. He mentions their continuing work on the Linux port, the FreeBSD base system has been updated to 6.4, the web GUI is using jQuery, and their presence at CeBIT 2009:

This little update is far from all that has been happening with Askozia®. Work continues on the Linux port. We have a nearly complete “target” definition for T2 which builds all of our packages from source and packages them into a root file system. A testable live CD will be available before April.

Akif Dinç, a new team member here, has been doing a good job of keeping the FreeBSD side of development running for 1.1.x. FreeBSD has been updated to 6.4, Asterisk to and Zaptel and ISDN4BSD to their latest trunk versions which will resolve some issues with card compatibility. Drag-and-drop functionality in the WebGUI has been
refactored to use jQuery UI instead of Scriptaculous which resolves some browser incompatibilities.

Functionality will also be expanded in 1.1.x. What do you need the most?

CeBIT 2009 was a good chance for us to meet up with several groups from the Askozia community. We had a nice time catching up with Auerswald, Deciso and OpenVox and getting a chance to meet René Rebe from the T2 project. So many opportunities to work together to keep producing quality releases, 2009 will be an interesting one!

About AskoziaPBX

AskoziaPBX is more than another GUI for Asterisk. It is an embedded PBX solution which eases system upgrades, backups and provisioning.


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