A number of online resources have writen about PC-BSD 7.1 referring to its speed, simplicity and ease-of-use. Internetnews.com writes how the Warden Project (FreeBSD Jails Management) can be used on PC-BSD.

The Warden is a powerful, yet easy to use tool which makes creating / managing jails easy. The Warden has features such as exporting / importing jails, automatic startup, and easy installation of packages or “Inmates”.

The Warden includes a GUI for PC-BSD desktops, as well as a command-line menu / syntax for remote administration via SSH. Inmate packages, such as AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) and others may be also downloaded from PBIDir and installed into jails managed by The Warden.

Though this feature may not be directly be used by home-users, it will be handy for admins of small companies that want the power and stability of FreeBSD and the easy PBI package installation of PC-BSD.

According to iXysystems (which since 2006 has ‘owned’ PC-BSD), “The Warden makes jail creation and management accessible to a greater number of users, and provides a secure and isolated environment for all sorts of uses, such as a mail server, database server, or webserver, to name a few. Warden configurations, called Inmates, can be used to instantly load pre-configured jails into the Warden.”

That’s pretty neat in my opinion and could be the use case that helps to but PC-BSD 7.2 on more enterprise desktops as an admin tool for FreeBSD servers.

Internetnews.com article