It’s been exactly 6 months since the last release (1.3b15), but m0nowall is not dead: beta 1.3b16 is now available.

The developers have been busy with a kernel security bugfix (arc4random),  support for Broadcom BCM5722 NICs, and IPv6  (DHCPv6, IPv6 webGUI access).

Detailed change log and downloads can be found at

Regarding future development, 1.3 is planned to be released anytime soon, but the developers are looking for some help with the following. If you can help them out, just contact them:

  • replacing the legacy BRIDGE with if_bridge
  • improving captive portal reliability and performance (e.g. by introducing SQLite to replace the various flat text files and corresponding lockfiles)
  • adding support for address/network groups in firewall rules (via ipfilter’s ippool feature)