PC-BSD 7.1 vs. Kubuntu 9.04 Benchmarks

The well-know bench marking website Phoronix has carried out a benchmark run between Kubuntu 9.04 and PC-BSD 7.1 (20/04/2009)

Earlier this month PC-BSD 7.1 was released, which is based upon the FreeBSD 7.1 stable release, but of course with the extra packages and changes that make PC-BSD an easier to use BSD-based desktop operating system. PC-BSD 7.1 ships with X.Org 7.4 and KDE 4.2.2 installed along with many other packages when using the x86 or x64 DVD installations. Though with the Phoronix Test Suite now having enhanced support for PC-BSD, we decided to see how well PC-BSD 7.1 performs against Kubuntu 9.04.

Both systems perform almost equally (only seconds of difference), but Kubuntu scores more points in this test than PC-BSD.

I’d say that this test is not altogether “fair” as different versions of GCC and X.org have been used. This could easily have quite an impact on the results.

It would be interesting to see if Phoronix did this test again later on this year when FreeBSD 8.0 has come out.

Details and graphs of the test


  1. says

    I’d say that all BSD vs Linux results are unfair. Because most of the packages are developed with Linux in mind. They are not 100% portable. Some of these packages really need patches that make it run on bsd’s. This is because of the Linuxisms the developers are used to. If there is such this as Linuxisms then the results are bound to be unfair.


  2. Gonzalo Nemmi says

    Actually, and by reading those benchmarks, I’d say that far from loosing on any ground, PC-BSD came up as the real winner in big scheme of things. That is to say: PC-BSD showed it is just as good as Linux on the desktop and users can safely switch from having a Linux kernel based desktop to a FreeBSD OS based one … let alone the fact that, should the need to use it a as server arise, you have a FreeBSD based OS right there at your fingertips ;)


  3. Gonzalo Nemmi says

    @Prudhvi: you are right about that … but even on that scenario, FreeBSD manages to overcome the sortcomings impossed by “Desinged for Linux” source code (like HAL) and still gets higly competitive (or even better in some cases) benchmark results.

    And even if that isn’t enough .. we still have “binary” compatibility .. whereas Linux does not ;)

    PC-BSD, being a FreeBSD OS based system, harnesses all the power of it’s underlying FreeBSD guts .. wich, so happens to, have all it’s native features, run it’s native software, and it’s also able to run software written spesifically for other platforms (or “you choose the category” if you don’t like to call it platform… I mean … Linux is not an OS in it’s own right .. it’s just a kernel + GNU userland apps).. like Linux.

    Once again .. as far as I can see, Phoronix just went to show the world that FreeBSD based system are ready to replace Linux desktop should the users want or need to =D

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