PC-BSD LogoPC-BSD 7.1 was released two weeks ago. Distrowatch had a first look, but now there are also (short) reviews on the IT Massive and ExtremeTech.

Both reviews, though not scientific but more a like personal opinion, do like PC-BSD but also point at some weak points.

The IT Massive’s summary is:


 I love FreeBSD and I tried really hard to like PC-BSD but I’m sorry to say that I don’t. I like the concept of the BSD desktop but I feel its still a few years behind the Linux desktop in hardware support and you’re likely going to have more luck there.

However the PC-BSD people have done good work in making BSD more accessible to normal users which is impressive. PC-BSD has some very interesting ideas for the open source desktop like the PBI install system, I would like to see more Linux distributions do something similar to PBI or what Linux Mint does. For the most part I don’t think that not using the command line would be a problem since most tasks have graphical tools.

ExtremeTech concludes:


A few shortcomings aside, I really like PC-BSD 7.1. It’s free, easy to install, and offers a lot of value for any computer user that is willing to look beyond the usual operating system choices. There’s plenty of software available for download and, unlike certain Linux distributions, it’s incredibly easy to install or to remove from your system.

Real diversity in choice of operating systems is something that we should all value. As much as I like Linux why should the choice just come down to Windows or Linux? Or even Mac OS X? PC-BSD is offering users yet another alternative that’s free, secure, and very stable.

I definitely think PC-BSD is worth a download….