Android is an exciting and much promising (open source) mobile phone platform developed by Google.

Android 1.5 (Cupcake), has now been released and promises to be(come) a strong contender for Apple’s iPhone. The first Android powered netbook is coming, Acer is working on several Android devices, and Samsung is releasing the Android I7500 phone.

Amidst all this positive news, there’s news that Google is being sued for using the Android name, but Ars Technica thinks Erich Specht has little chance of winning.

So, why am I writing this?

bsdroid google android

First, Android is exciting;  second, there’s a project working on porting the Android framework to FreeBSD: BSDroid, and thirdly, the Android software uses bits of NetBSD and OpenBSD userland code.

The main goal of project is to provide native binaries for tools and make it possible to develop Android applications on FreeBSD powered system without Android SDK for Linux.

Visit BSDroid for more information and downloads