Comparison between pfSense and Check Point

pfsense logo 100x100Jake describes his experiences with router systems pfSense and Check Point

After been using the CheckPoint safe@office in a live environment for almost two month I have now decided to go back to using my homebuilt pfSense firewall.

Both firewalls have pros and cons. For me the pros of the pfSense made it for me. The biggest pros of the pfSense is definitely the speed. Even if both firewalls are able to deliver around 100 mbit/s throughput, the CheckPoint has some nasty lags sometimes, and drops the connections sometimes to IRC, MSN, ICQ and also webdownloads. Even thou I made a rule to allow all those protocols. Anyway, the biggest pros of the CheckPoint is without a doubt it’s power consumption, heat and sound level. It has a power consumption of about 15-20W compared to my pfSense which is about 60W. No heat or whatsoever from the CheckPoint either. And it makes NO sound at all, it’s fanless.

Whole article here ( – 06/10/2009)

pfSense is also mentioned at the bottom of the “Enterprises cut costs with open-source routers” article on


  1. Bill Totman says

    (As I posted at

    First off, this appliance is actually handled by a Check Point spinoff: Sofaware.

    Secondly, with Check Point it’s about the money – they’re a company. Who knew!?!

    Thirdly, when it comes to Check Point, they’re biggest strength over their enterprise firewall competition (read: Juniper and Cisco) is their ease and scaling of management. The featured appliance in this post can be remotely managed as and ‘enterprise’ level firewall… with a license upgrade and some configuration changes.

    Speaking of ease of management in the 8.x Sofaware firmware you can drag and drop rules to rearrange their order. Is that available in pfSense? If not, it would be really cool if it were.

    That aside, the other advantages of the Check Point system will also cost you: AV, IPS inspections, etc. These functions require that you either pay Sofaware or a partner a yearly subscription to get those updates.

    Concerning the heat and fan noise problem, the Soekris Engineering appliance solutions are an oft mentioned pfSense installation platform.

    Concerning AV and other firewall inspections: I prefer to keep those functionalities separated. But, lots of businesses make security choices based on convenience and dollars and, thus, go with them rolled into one.

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