freebsd project logo 100x100Manolis Kiagias has announced a project that he has started: Building custom FreeBSD ISO’s:

I believe this list (and probably the forums) would be the best place to announce one of my little projects, namely the building of custom FreeBSD install discs (DVD sized for desktops, CD sized for servers) with the latest release and updated packages.

I have been experimenting lately with ‘make release’ and ports’ building using ports-mgmt/tinderbox. I am using a dedicated system for building the base system and packages. The purpose of this experiment (besides the educational value of it) is to allow me to build FreeBSD discs with custom and up to date packages. These will in turn reduce
significantly the amount of time required to install new systems (esp. desktops which need hundred of packages).

This is just short of 1GB and contains the following:

– – FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE base system (standard bootable / installable disc) 
– – Selection of custom packages that can be installed either during installation via sysinstall or at a later time (again using sysinstall or pkg_add etc).

Many other useful packages are also included as dependencies of the ones listed above. This iso does not contain openoffice (to keep the size smaller) and multimedia apps (to avoid licensing problems). Future versions of the builds may have broader / different selection of packages, depending on the feedback received by the community.

Installation is no different than an official FreeBSD CD, other than when you reach the package selection screen, you will be shown the custom set of packages. The ports tree included in the CD is the one used to actually build the packages. I will soon upload a tarball with the options used – not all packages where built with the default options.

The whole announcement can be read here.