iXsystems has announced that they’re selling FreeBSD CDs via their FreeBSD Mall store.ixsystems logo

The FreeBSD Mall started shipping FreeBSD® Version 7.2 this week. The four-disc CD set or dual-sided DVD is available for purchase at http://www.freebsdmall.com, either individually or on a subscription basis at a discounted price.

The FreeBSD Mall has a long tradition of providing a reliable source of software, documentation, and support to the open source community. We are pleased to be a primary distributor of FreeBSD software and services, including this latest release, FreeBSD® Version 7.2,

says Theresa Garner, General Manager, FreeBSD Mall.

FreeBSD’s new transparent superpage support is the result of several years of operating system research at Rice University, and brings the performance benefits of superpages to unmodified applications, a feature unique to FreeBSD. The FreeBSD® 7.2 release enhances FreeBSD’s position as a superior open source operating system due to the improved virtual memory efficiency and performance increases resulting from the use of superpages.

says Robert Watson, President of the FreeBSD Foundation.

FreeBSD® 7.2 is earning rave reviews from technical experts due to its facilitation of operating-system level virtualization that allows administrators to partition a FreeBSD-based computer system into several independent mini-systems called jails.

FreeBSD jails have been an integral part of our infrastructure for years. FreeBSD® 7.2 increases the utility of the FreeBSD jail by providing multi-ip support and the ability to pin jails processes to CPUs while maintaining the stability and robustness we’ve depended on FreeBSD to deliver,

says Josh Paetzel, System Administrator, Prometheus Research.

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