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askozia-pbx logo 100x100Askozia has set up a shop for components and pre-built appliances, with a percentage of all sales going into further development of AskoziaPBX.

AskoziaPBX: Porting to Linux, Going for Mainstream

We’re currently in the process of porting Askozia®PBX (an Open Source PBX solution based on Asterisk) to use Linux as its base operating system. This allows us to support architectures other than x86 and take advantage of Asterisk features not available on FreeBSD.

Many manufacturers have expressed interest in having a turn-key software solution available for their hardware offerings. Auerswald, a large German telephony equipment manufacturer, has sponsored our initial port to Linux and the Blackfin CPU architecture, now offering AskoziaPBX as an alternate firmware for their upcoming COMpact 3000 VoIP device.

What is needed for Asterisk based distributions to become as mainstream as a FRITZ!Box?

Asterisk’s flexibility lets it be tailored to different markets; which ones are laying undiscovered?

Watch the video or listen to MP3

New Release : 1.0.3

Another small update to the 1.0 series has been released adding a French localization (submitted by Jean-Pierre Lozano) as well as updating the Japanese and German localizations.

Also, the last few hard-coded AskoziaPBX strings have been made customizable for our branding customers. Your updated versions are also available for download.


  1. Joan Stadehoward says

    It is for sure a reflect of the poor support FreeBSD has for VoIP devices. I mean VoIP devices as well as Asterisk somehow. Many E1 drivers wont work on FreeBSD. Nothing other than ISDN-Pri seems to work decently on FreeBSD. For exemplo R2-Digital shamely won’t work. Not even Zapata is usable nowadays with the latest Digium boards.

    Asterisk and the like are poorly maintained for FreeBSD. It’s a shame because the commuity initiatives like Askozia have to “go Linux for Mainstrain”.

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