freebsd_logo-100x100Ken Smith announced the availability of the first beta release of FreeBSD 8.0:

“The first public test build of the FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE test cycle is now available, 8.0-BETA1. Through the next week or so more information about the release will be posted but here is the current target schedule for the other ‘major events’: BETA2 July 13, 2009; BETA3 July 20, 2009; RC1 July 27, 2009; RC2 August 17, 2009; RELEASE August 31, 2009. At this point it is not quite ready for production systems but mostly because there is still some ongoing work in a few areas that may cause some changes in things like ABI/API. Debugging supports (WITNESS, malloc debugging, etc.) are also still turned on and those tend to cause a performance hit. As far as we know there are no known issues that would cause data corruption or anything like that, just the issues with performance and potential for changes caused by ongoing work.”

Read the complete release announcement for further details.