BSDStats – June 2009

These are the final BSD usage numbers for June 2009 from showing the use of *BSD operating systems:

  • PC-BSD 17,156 (71.39%)
  • FreeBSD 5,483 (22.82%)
  • DesktopBSD 1206 (5.02%)
  • NetBSD 70 (0.29%)
  • OpenBSD 55 (0.23%)
  • DragonFlyBSD 12 (0.12%)
  • MidnightBSD 14 (0.06%)
  • MirBSD 11 (0.05%)
  • Debian GNU/kFreeBSD 8 (0.03%)

Note, these numbers aren’t in any way a true representation of the use of BSD systems. PC-BSD and DesktopBSD have the BSDStats port installed by default (which can be turned off), whereas on other BSD systems the scrip has to be manually installed

Many thanks to Igor (Abaza) for reminding me about the bsdstats numbers.


  1. Igor (Abaza) says

    Yea… Statistics in Panama is interesting… I think that in Panama users simply like PC-BSD or may be government launched some programs aimed to integrate open-source-based solutions to their economic… ;-) And i’d like to say also, that Panama takes 1-st place during long period…


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