BSD Mag promotional flyer

BSD Mag has created a promotional flyer for give-away. It includes subscription information and a discount code. Help us handing these out to spread the word about BSD Magazine, .

A PDF copy is availabe from Dru’s slideshare.

Also, if you haven’t subscribed to BSD Mag because you didn’t know what you would subscribe for, you can now download BSD Magazine’s 3 previous issues – all available for download.  If you like them, why not subscribe?


  1. Bichuf Sbarr says

    Perhaps it would be good to clarify that the promo code is not good for the PDF version of the subscription. PayPal will not accept it at checkout. Payment seems to be to someone in POLAND.

    Also, US$6 per PDF issue is way too expensive. No wonder this mag was going under. The print version is even more expensive.

  2. says

    In my experience, the price of a magazine varies inversely with its market and is proportional to the value of its content. For mags like BSD Mag, it’s a double whammy. BSD Mag is not like People or Newsweek, and not even like Linux Journal or Circuit Cellar Ink (which by the way is an absolute steal at US$6 an issue). I bought a year’s subscription to BSD Mag a couple weeks ago and if it lives up to the value of the single issue I bought earlier this year it will be worth every penny. Go BSD!

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