Richard Bejtlich wrote four years ago an article titled Keeping FreeBSD Up-To-Date. His goal was to document various ways that a FreeBSD 5.2 system could be updated and upgraded using tools from that time, in an example-drive way that complemented the FreeBSD Handbook.

He has now an updated version that starts with a FreeBSD 7.1 RELEASE system and ends by running FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE.

Sections included are:

  • Introduction
  • FreeBSD Handbook
  • The Short Answer
  • Understanding FreeBSD Versions
  • Learning About Security Issues
  • Starting with the Installation
  • Installing Gnupg and Importing Keys
  • Installing Source Code
  • Installing CVSup
  • Applying Kernel Patches Manually
  • Applying Userland Patches Manually
  • Using CVSup to Apply Patches
  • Using Csup to Apply Patches
  • FreeBSD Update to Upgrade FreeBSD within Versions
  • STABLE: The End of the Line for a Single Version
  • What Comes Next?
  • Conclusion

Download the Keeping FreeBSD Up-To-Date PDF. Richard appreciates any comments and feedback.

Anyone who updates FreeBSD using CVSup through an HTTP Proxy, have a read here.