freebsd project logo 100x100Ken Smith has announced the fourth and last of the BETA builds for the FreeBSD-8.0 release.

The fourth and most likely final BETA build for the FreeBSD 8.0 release cycle is now available. We expect the next test build to be the first  if the Release Candidates, RC1. Since BETA3 many bugs that were identified from testing done so far were addressed. Some of the bigger issues were an mbuf leak along with work done in the general IPv6, jail, and usb subsystems. Issues in other areas have been addressed as well.

Due to the issues identified in this early phase of testing the schedule for release has been pushed back. The current target for the release itself is September 29th, with two RC builds between now and then. Details about the current target schedule along with much more detail about the current status of the release is available on the FreeBSD 8.0 todo page

ISO images for Tier-1 architectures and a memory stick image for amd64/i386 are now available on most of the FreeBSD mirror sites.