FreeBSD 9.0 feature requests

One of the sessions at EuroBSDCon 2009 DevSummit last week was FreeBSD 9.0 and what the devs would like to see included.

I took pictures of the whiteboard.  What do you think of the request and what else would you want to see included (post your comments)?


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  1. Ron says

    Replace rc.d/inet with launchd
    full address space layout randomization
    full data execution protection/openbsd w^x
    native intel GMA 500 drivers

  2. sakis says

    In addition to the other requests:

    – Sysinstall able to install on zfs and other filesystems
    – Sysinstall to be able to configure basic firewall rules and secure levels preconfigured options
    – Clang to be the default instead of gcc
    – Sensors framework support similar to Linux lm-sensors
    – Full support for HP Proliant server and their support pack utilities
    – Jails framework improvements on resource limits and ezjail re-written in C and intergration with the OS
    – Introduce real clustering file system

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