Could Oracle embrace BSD?

Mikel King thinks Oracle should embrace BSD:

However, Sun has utterly failed in that respect garnering little support in the general Open Source community. The would have fared better served retooling Solaris into a commercial entity based on one of the BSDs like FreeBSD, NetBSD or OpenBSD. Often overlooked by Linux junkies the BSDs have commercial friendly licensing which is why Apple embraced FreeBSD as the foundation of Mac OS X. The difference is that Oracle should embrace the chosen BSD operating system and develop Open Solaris as an add-on. In addition they should openly embrace the BSD community fostering active development in the product.

Following this concept Oracle could make Open Solaris a desktop product for installation upon the appropriate BSD operating system. In addition they could offer their code base, releasing much needed drivers into the BSD community. The community would benefit from the advances in the SPARC platform, and Oracle would benefits from the access to a wider variety of system architectures.


Oracle; ready for dinner, if only the EU would stop messing with the soup…

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