GhostBSD – Gnome based FreeBSD liveCD

PC-BSD is currently the best well-knows FreeBSD based OS for desktop use, but it’s  KDE  based. Though there’s a Gnome PBI available, those interested in Gnome as desktop interface may want to have a look at GhostBSD, the Gnome based FreeBSD system for desktop use.

GhostBSD 1.0 has the following new features: Procfs, kernel sound support. Exaile, more Gstreamer plugins, Swfdec plugin, Xchat, cpu run coller.

The website is not finished yet  (can do with some enhancing) and doesn’t have much of background info, but version 1.0 is available for download. for details.


  1. says

    I tried to run this distribution in VirtualBox and it looks not very impresive. Dark-blue Gnome theme is terrible for me. Currently it’s only livecd, which is based on FreeSBIE.

    I think that GhostBSD is more alpha than beta :)

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