FreeBSD 8.0 available (unofficially)

No formal post or press release has been issued by the FreeBSD Team, but it seems that  FreeBSD 8.0 can now be downloaded from the servers

It’s a few months after the initial planned release date (September), but quality is to be preferred over number of and planned dates of releases.

Here’s the CVS log showing the release branch: diff

Thanks to  Bill Totman and Gonzalo Nemmi for letting me (and you) know about the new ‘baby’.


  1. Josh says

    This is good news. After a decade working with Linux I’ve finally started trying out FreeBSD (why did I wait so long) – do you reckon I should continue with 7.2 and upgrade it to 8.0 or just reinstall with 8.0 when it’s officially released?

  2. says

    Thank you for the good news. I am waiting for this release for a long time :)

    I wonder if there’s a tutorial to upgrade my system from 7.2-release? Though my system is messy I still love the FreeBSD way: upgrading without any problems (yah, I can’t do this seemlessly in some Linux distro.)

    Thanks again.

  3. Shaun says

    Josh, go straight to FreeBSD 8.0. It will be available (official announcement and all) within 48 hours anyway. I tried 8.0 RC1 and was greatly impressed, for my next webservers I will use FreeBSD.

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