In this article by Christer Edwards, we will explore FreeBSD Jails. FreeBSD Jails are a kernel-level security mechanism which allows you to safely segregate processes within a sandbox environment. Jails are commonly used to secure production network services like DNS or Email by restricting what a process can access. In the case of a malicious attack on one service, all other Jailed processes would remain secure. FreeBSD Jails securely limits, in an administratively simple way, the amount of damage an attacker can do to a server.

Carry on reading about ezjail:

  • Introduction
  • Ezjail
  • Ereating a jail environment
  • Configure and activate SSH
  • Configure Jail to run Web Server
  • Configure Jail as mail server with Postfix
  • Network level separation
  • Options of ezjail-admin commandv
  • Summary