The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team has announced the availability of FreeBSD 8 stable release. Some of the highlights of this version are:

  • freebsd_logo-100x100Xen DomU support
  • network stack virtualization
  • stack-smashing protection
  • TTY layer rewrite
  • much improved ZFS v13
  • a new USB stack
  • multicast updates including IGMPv3
  • vimage — a new virtualization container
  • Fedora 10 Linux binary compatibility to run Linux software such as Flash 10 and others
  • trusted BSD MAC (Mandatory Access Control)
  • rewritten NFS client/server introducing NFSv4.
  • Inclusion of improved device mmap() extensions will allow the technical implementation of a 64-bit Nvidia display driver for the x86-64 platform.

The GNOME desktop environment has been upgraded to 2.26.3, KDE to 4.3.1, and Firefox to 3.5.5. You can download the latest version from FreeBSD from the mirrors (main ftp server) or via BitTorrent.

Please consider making a donation and  spread the word by tweeting and blogging about the drive and release.

Links to check out before installing or upgrading: