freebsd_nvidia_logoThe NVIDIA Corporation releases an initial BETA version of NVIDIA 195.22 FreeBSD graphics drivers for both i386 and amd64 architectures. The drivers support recent versions of the FreeBSD operating system, i.e. 7.2-STABLE and 8.0-RELEASE and provide support for features like SLI, improved compatibility and performance, especially on systems with 4GB or more of RAM. This marks the first driver release for amd64, as it was previously available only for i386 architecture. Please see the original announcement for more information.

I am pleased to announce the initial release of NVIDIA FreeBSD BETA graphics drivers that take advantage of kernel features (see added in FreeBSD 7.3 and 8.0 that enable improved NVIDIA graphics driver support for FreeBSD/i386 and initial support for FreeBSD/amd64.

The binary components of this release are functionally identical to those included with the 195.22 NVIDIA FreeBSD BETA graphics driver release announced earlier (see However, the kernel interface layer updated for FreeBSD 7.3 and 8.0 provides improved compatibility, especially on systems with 4GB or more of RAM, improved performance (mileage will vary between systems) and support for features like SLI. It also introduces support for FreeBSD/amd64.

In order to use this driver release, your system will need to have either FreeBSD 7.3 or FreeBSD 8.0 (or later) installed. Until FreeBSD 7.3 has been released, you can use FreeBSD 7.2 with a current RELENG_7 kernel (__FreeBSD_version__ >= 702106; use of a top-of-tree RELENG_7 kernel is recommended to ensure recent Linux ABI compatibility fixes are picked up). For general installation instructions, please see the README.

Both the FreeBSD/x86 and FreeBSD/x86-64 driver packages include 32-bit Linux ABI compatibility libraries; 64-bit Linux libraries may be included with a future release (when support for Linux/x86-64 compatibility is added to FreeBSD/amd64). The FreeBSD/x86-64 package does not include the FreeBSD/x86 OpenGL libraries; however, the libraries shipped with the FreeBSD/x86 driver package have been tested on FreeBSD/x86-64.