Laszlo explains why his little company is running FreeBSD:

I have a small company, where we decided to choose Freebsd as the server platform. We don’t have too much money to spend so the price was one of the main reasons. We needed a server platform which can host web services reliably.

Although my partners and me also are IT experts, we wanted to spend the least possible time with the operating system. We wanted to concentrate on the web development instead. When we started the company, Windows wasn’t reliable at all. We hadn’t got enough time to support it – not mentioning the price of a Windows server with Microsoft or Oracle SQL server. LINUX was an obvious choice.

After fighting with the problems in several LINUX distributions (SUSE, Slackware), one of my friends asked: Why don’t you try Freebsd? I never had any problems with it! Upon his suggestion we installed Freebsd on a server without any previous experience. We experienced that Freebsd completely fulfilled our needs, it adequately performs as a web server which needs no maintenance. We usually reinstall our servers when we need a full version upgrade, apart from it our Freebsd servers were running all time without interruption. These “servers” were desktop computers without any server features! On a workshop SamoaTel ISP wrote: “And, in case you missed this, FreeBSD is extremely stable, particularly under heavy load. ”

I think Freebsd have more advantages than disadvantages. Once it is set up properly – which is not always easy in case of exotic hardware devices – it runs till the end of the hardware’s life.

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