freebsd_webcamAlexander Leidinger announced that he’s working on Video4Linux support for FreeBSD. The Linux headers can be used without having to accept the GPL.  This makes it potentially available to all the BSDs:

“Yesterday I committed the v4l support into the linuxulator (in 9-current). Part of this was the import of the v4l header from linux. We have the permission to use it, it is not licensed via GPL. This means we can use it in FreeBSD native drivers, and they are even allowed to be com piled into GENERIC (but I doubt we have a driver which could provide the v4l interface in GENERIC).

The code I com mitted is “just” the glue-code which allows to use FreeBSD native devices which provide a v4l inter face (e.g. multimedia/pwcbsd) from linux programs.

If someone is willing to write the glue-code for the v4l2 interface please contact me. We have the permission to use the v4l2 header too, we just need some one doing the coding.

In a similar way, if someone is willing to add v4l2 inter face support to FreeBSD native drivers (I do not know any FreeBSD driver which provides a v4l2 interface), just tell me and I import the v4l2 header into FreeBSD.”

The whole post is still available through Google Cache