bsdfundlogoThe BSD Fund announced that they have generated enough card revenue to be a BSDCan sponsor. BSD Fund is a Bronze sponsor of BSDCan 2010 using funds raised exclusively with the BSD Fund Visa.

The BSD Fund aspires to contribute to every major BSD event around the world as they play such a critical role in the community, but so far it’s been a chicken and egg problem: few cardholders because the card hadn’t supported anything yet. Things seem to be taking off.

About BSD Fund

BSD Fund is a United States 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to assist and fund BSD-related events, development and initiatives around the world. BSD Fund raises money through direct donations and the BSD Fund Visa that supports BSD with every purchase. BSD or Berkeley Software Distribution is a family of open source licenses and operating systems that emphasize permissive redistribution and high technical standards.

For clarity, the BSD Fund is supporting the BSD family of operating systems, whilest the FreeBSD Foundation only funds FreeBSD related activities and projects.

For more info, visit or listen to the podcast with Michael Dexter, manager of the fund.

Thanks, Michael, for contacting me and asking to mention your achievement. If you, my readers, have anything FreeBSD related to announce, why not contact me? We BSD’ers don’t tend to be as vocal as our Penguin brothers…..