Security Advisories

The FreeBSD Security issued 3 security advisories

FreeBSD Errata Notice

Since FreeBSD 8.0 was released, several stability and performance problems have been identified. This Errata Notice describes several fixes judged to be of particular importance, but low risk, to users with specific workloads or using specific features that trigger these problems.

Areas where problems are addressed include NFS, ZFS, Multicast networking, SCTP as well as the rename(2) syscall.


Adopt a FreeBSD Port

There are currently 4726 ports without maintainer, which means that no one is actively maintaining them. Out of these ports, 243 (roughly 5.00%) are out of date. Can you help?

Android SDK

Android SDK on FreeBSD is now available for FreeBSD 8

ZFS Patches on FreeBSD 7

Alexander has made a lot of ZFS patches for FreeBSD 7

FreeBSD Snapshots

The first batch of FreeBSD snapshot releases for 2010 are now available:

PBI Builder 2.5

A newer version of the PC-BSD PBI Builder (package builder) has been released