This is so particular: on the day that I moved Frenzy to the inactive/no-longer-maintained section a new release was announced.

After being formally discontinued by its creator, Sergei Mozhaisky, a number of developers headed by Egor Vershinin has taken over the work.

Frenzy is a FreeBSD-based live CD featuring a variety of security, system testing, networking and penetration tools, has now been resurrected (the last version was release 12/2008).

Frenzy 1.2 ‘reincarnation’ (community release) is out. It is based on FreeBSD 8.0 and available in 2 editions – lite and standard. This is a first version of Frenzy that isn’t made by me – the author of this build is Egor Vershinin.”

The developers have set up a new web site at, with some documentation and a changelog, but it’s currently in Russian only. The project’s original web site at also has some information about the new release. The “lite” edition of Frenzy only includes command line tools, but the “standard” edition comes with X.Org and Fluxbox.

Download the English variant from here: frenzy-1.2-reincarnation-en-release.iso

Many thanks to Dalibor – Edmondas, Lars (LME) and AxelBSD for emailing me regarding the new update.