The BSD Router Project (BSDRP) has released version 0.32 of its free embedded router distribution (previously mentioned here)

BSD Router Project (BSDRP) is an embedded open source router distribution based on FreeBSD with Quagga and XORP that fit on a 512Mb Compact Flash/USB.

Based on FreeBSD 8.0-Release-p2, the release comes with the new options ”show memory” and ”show traffic”, RCS revisioning for the configuration file and upload/download of data via SCP. Further new features include DHCP relay, NetFlow probes, the Link-Layer Discovery Protocol, (in OpenLLDP) and the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). A Userland variant has replaced the CARP implementation in the kernel and the Quagga routing software has been updated to version 0.99.15 (source)

Images for the BSD Router Project 0.32 will fit on a 512Mb Compact Flash/USB. The router distribution under the BSD license is available for download on the BSDRP homepage.

BSDRP Project Website | Features | Download