Nvidia has released new video drivers for FreeBSD yesterday (v 195.36.08)

Nvidia is making quite a lot of gamers happy with the latest update to its display drivers for *NIX platforms (Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris). Nvidia 195.36.08 adds support for a few of the latest graphics adapters from the chip maker, specifically Quadro FX 880M, GeForce GTS 350M and GeForce GTS 360M. The latest Nvidia 195.36.08 driver also adds support for NVIDIA 3D Vision Stereo with Quadro GPUs. It also comes with a lot of updates and changes for the VDPAU API Nvidia developed to offload video processing and decoding to the graphics unit. (source)

Highlights of Nvidia 195.36.08:

  • Support for the following GPUs: Quadro FX 880M, GeForce GTS 350M, GeForce GTS 360M;
  • Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision Stereo on Linux with Quadro GPUs;
  • Unofficial preliminary support for xorg-server video driver ABI version 7, including xorg-server-;
  • Altered NVIDIA X driver behavior in the case that no display devices are connected to the GPU;
  • Updated `nvidia-settings –query all` to report all available attributes queryable through all NV-CONTROL target types;
  • A lot of updates and fixes for the VDPAU (Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix) library;
  • A very long list of bug fixes.

Complete change log and download FreeBSD Nvidia driver