NetCraft Communications will release an updated version of its Versiera Infrastructure Management System next week along with new groundbreaking technology in rendering and visualizing large-scale enterprise network infrastructures.

Versiera is a remote monitoring and management system supporting a wide range of open source and commercial platforms including Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OS X, Solaris and Windows.

With the gaining popularity of cloud-based services from the likes of Amazon and Rackspace, secure management and monitoring has become a necessity. Versiera enables secure management and monitoring of technology infrastructures within the enterprise and outside of the organization in one of the Internet service clouds. For added security, Versiera assigns and manages digital certificates to all managed systems, authenticates and encrypts all communications and restricts communications to originate from managed hosts thus not exposing them to inbound management communications

“We wanted to bring new technologies and scalability to helping enterprises visualize their networks. By doing so we have surpassed solutions from the Big 4, HP, IBM, Microsoft and CA”, said CEO Ed Aarntzen ahead of next week’s production release of Versiera. “Our scalability is unmatched and we are now pushing the technology to visualize and continuously update networks with 50,000 devices and more while allowing administrators to fully interact with the visualizations”, he added.

Versiera Network Maps are the first in the industry to adopt and make use of the HTML5 elements which can already be rendered on Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox. IT departments can not only visualize their network infrastructures, but can extend to visualize all network communications in the enterprise and those extending out to the Internet.

Highlights of major improvements and new features in this release of Versiera include:

  • Interactive network maps including those showing enterprise communications
  • Notification and alerts for external services monitoring
  • Multi-administrator support
  • Support for embedded platforms

Versiera is a globally deployed system for computer infrastructure management which includes monitoring, compliance, automated documentation, asset management, software distribution, alerting and ticketing. Our goal is to not only offer Versiera technology as a tool to the enterprise, but also to those using cloud-based infrastructures, SOHO, personal and mobile markets. Our development team has also been working with vendors of embedded hardware platforms to extend Versiera management and monitoring to these markets,

says Frank Pikelner, CTO of NetCraft Communications.

Versiera offers a real-time view of operational hardware, software and digital assets. It also enables management and monitoring of the infrastructure without direct access to the technology or the data and is accomplished without having to build dedicated management interconnects.

Cross-platform support includes management and monitoring of Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and Solaris.

Versiera is available as a dedicated hardware appliance for deployment in the enterprise and as a full featured free Internet service.

Many thanks, Frank, for emailing this. If you have any (new) (Free)BSD related products or services, please let me know.