FreeNAS 0.7.1 (Shere) was released today. This version is a maintenance release of FreeNAS 0.7 and it improves
the functions and the translations of WebGUI.

It also introduces a few new features such as

  • AIO (asynchronous I/O) support in CIFS/SMB – Samba
  • ATAPI CAM with iSCSI target (device pass-through)
  • Custom script in Email Report
  • Serial console support for headless servers/devices
  • A raw device, ZFS volume for the extent of iSCSI target
  • iSCSI removable device and control (DVD/tape emulation)

Other changes are:

Majors changes:

  • Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.41.9.
  • Upgrade istgt to version 20100407.
  • Upgrade msmtp to 1.4.19.
  • Upgrade transmission to 1.92.
  • Upgrade PHP to 5.2.12 (Thanks to Xin LI).
  • Upgrade fuppes to 0.660.
  • Upgrade rsync to 3.0.7.
  • Upgrade inadyn-mt to 02.18.14.
  • Upgrade netatalk to 2.0.5.
  • Upgrade bash to 4.0.35.
  • Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.26.
  • Upgrade proftpd to 1.3.2e.
  • Upgrade iSCSI initiator to 2.2.4.
  • Upgrade sipcalc to 1.1.5.
  • Upgrade nano to 2.2.3.

Minor changes:

  • Add iSCSI target removable media control.
  • Modify Samba default buffer size.
  • Modify Tuning values.
  • Add new MIB in System|Advanced|sysctl.conf.
  • Add English, Italian and Polish UTF-8 with English menu in File Manager (quixplorer) and set European language files to UTF-8.
  • Set all European WebGUI languages to UTF-8.
  • Restrict NFS sharing directory with alldirs.
  • Add serial console support.
  • Add aio(asynchronous I/O) support but default is disabled.
  • Modify /mnt and /tmp permission.
  • Add custom script in email report.
  • Add Japanese in File Manager (quixplorer).
  • Add incomplete directory in Services|BitTorrent.

For more details, have a look at the changelog.

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