Matthew Hughes, a student of Ethical Hacking in the UK, has always had an interest in FreeBSD and computer security, and now he has decided to combine these two interests by introduding SecurityBSD, a distribution of BSD aimed at security professionals.

SecurityBSD is a bundling of the FreeBSD operating system with open source security tools aimed at computer security profesionals and enthusiasts, and intends to be a serious contender to the more popular security Linux distributions such as Backtrack Linux, Weaknet Linux and SamuraiWTF.

SecurityBSD can be used on your old beige-box or on the latest computer hardware, it really doesn’t matter. One of the advantages of SecurityBSD is that it is lightweight, and can be used on legacy machines, which will be ideal for enterprises with a small IT security budget, especially in the developing world.

Version 0.01 (pre-alpha) is now available: SecurityBSD 0.01 – Kevin Federline pre-alpha released

We wish Matthew much success and are looking forward to see this become an established project.