DesktopBSD – a new start

This is good news for the FreeBSD world, FreeBSD advocacy and the FreeBSD project in general, and current DesktopBSD users in particular:

According to the DesktopBSD website development of this KDE-based and FreeBSD based, user-friendly system will be restarted / continued by a group of developers:

Since the 5/20/2010 the development was taken up by DesktopBSD by a small German developer group again. The small team existing of four people and stands under the direction of Daniel Hilbert.

Furthermore this website is reworked. Hence, it can come now and then for disturbances on single sides. We ask you this fact to excuse.

Advancement of the DesktopBSD Project


  1. Donotunderstand says

    Can someone please explain to me why they are going to make another KDE+FreeBSD-based distribution when that’s what the elephant in the room (PC-BSD) is already based on? There isn’t a single decent, reputable GNOME or XFCE-packaged BSD distribution out there, whether FreeBSD or otherwise.

    ‘DesktopBSD aims at being a stable and powerful operating system for desktop users.

    DesktopBSD combines the stability of FreeBSD, the usability and functionality of KDE and the simplicity of specially developed software to provide a system that’s easy to use and install.’

    That’s the EXACT SAME mission statement as PC-BSD! Why are they doing this? If they really hate the other DEs so much, why not just assist the PC-BSD project instead? I really don’t understand this.

  2. Gerard says

    PC-BSD vs DesktopBSD: The main difference between the projects was (DesktopBSD project is not ‘live’ anymore) is that DBSD was basically FreeBSD + KDE + a DBSD built ports front-end, whereas PC-BSD is FreeBSD + KDE + PBI packages (PC-BSD specific double-click-to-install files to avoid dependency problems)

  3. Coszmin says

    Any news on DesktopBSD 2.0 release? Has been a year when they announced that the project was restarted, and since then we have not received any news. It is still working on the project or the only alternative left is PC-BSD?

  4. Gerard says

    DesktopBSD development stopped a while back with 1.7 (Peter Hofer). Other German devs took over, but never produced anything and have abandoned the project.

  5. Coszmin says

    Sin, looked like a successful project implementation through regular users of FreeBSD. Although there PCBSD, it tends to be a hybrid rather than what they proposed be DesktopBSD.
    Thank’ s for your answer. Peace!


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