FreeBSD News: 3 years old

Well, this FreeBSD News website is 3 years old now. When I started out 3 years ago, I didn’t realise it was going to attrack so many (regular) visitors.

One big difference between Linux and FreeBSD is that there is a lot more Linux advocacy, whereas FreeBSD developers tend to concentrate on producing rock solid and stable code. Hopefully, this website has helped spread awareness of the FreeBSD operating system, also amongst Linux users.

FreeBSD was called “the unknown giant” by IBM back in 2005, and when I started posting news about FreeBSD, FreeBSD 6.1 was out. A lot has changed since. Some really neat features have been added (ZFS, DTrace, Superpages), VirtualBox and Chromium are running on FreeBSD) and FreeBSD 8.1 RC1 is out. FreeBSD is alive and kicking, and you can help spread the news too ;-)

Many thanks to those who have contacted me with links to news, product announcements (RootBSD, Netcraft, Bordeaux) and general feedback. Also, I’d like to show my appreciation to the 5 donors (esp. Edmondas Girkantas) who have kindly donated some funds in the last 3 years to help cover some of the costs running this website.

Being an analyst, I love numbers, statistics and trends. If you do too, here are some numbers for the last 3 years:

  • 1,008 posts were posted.
  • 791 comments were posted.
  • 335 different nicknames were used in the comments.
  • 44 post categories.
  • 47,442 spam blocked.

10 Most Popular Posts

  1. Flash 9 for FreeBSD 7.1 (howto)
  2. Differences between BSD and Linux
  3. Firefox 3 for FreeBSD
  4. FreeNAS supports Bittorrent
  5. FreeBSD flash player
  6. Install FreeBSD 8.0 from USB memory stick
  7. Running Google Chrome on FreeBSD
  8. Sun VirtualBox on FreeBSD
  9. DesktopBSD Live USB stick
  10. Embedded FreeBSD systems

Top 10 Commented Posts

  1. The Open Source community united – 34 comments
  2. FreeBSD flash player – 18 comments
  3. Zimbra on FreeBSD – petition – 17 comments
  4. Flash 9 for FreeBSD 7.1 (howto) – 11 comments
  5. Differences between BSD and Linux – 11 comments
  6. Why the BSDs get no love – 11 comments
  7. I’m faster than you! No I am! – 8 comments
  8. PC-BSD 7.0 Alpha – ready for testing – 8 comments
  9. FreeBSD based systems – what would you call them? – 8 comments
  10. PCBSD 7.0 Fibonacci alpha2 (video) – 8 comments

    Top 10 comment members

    1. kace (33)
    2. Oliver Herold (19)
    3. Eric (19)
    4. Mike (9)
    5. Oliver (9)
    6. gnemmi (9)
    7. Arab (7)
    8. Chris Buechler (7)
    9. Karl Fischer (7)
    10. Gonzalo Nemmi (7)


    1. Gonzalo Nemmi says

      Hi Gerard!
      Congrats on on your third anniversary of such a _good_ work !!
      Hope there’ll be a lot more on the future =)

      And by the way … Top 6 comment member (gnemmi) and Top 10 comment member (Gonzalo Nemmi), are the same person: good old me =D

      Best Regards
      Gonzalo Nemmi

      PS: I tried to add you to my linkedIn network but I couldn’t LinkedIn didn’t let me do it .. still don’t no why but I’ll try again ;)

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