OpenSVC is now available for FreeBSD.

OpenSVC is a GPLv2 project automating the low-level operations needed 1/ to bring up system resources (virtual machine container, ip, disk groups, filesystem mounts, application launchers) on a node and 2/ to replicate data to secondary nodes (in local or remote sites). OpenSVC can be coupled to a tiers heartbeat daemon to form a full failover clustering stack.

OpenSVC offers a simple service start/stop/status/sync* command line interface.

OpenSVC can be deployed to drive all types of service on all major operating systems, and drive best-of-breed replication strategies available on users’ sites : rsync+snap, zfs, netapp, emc, drbd.

Generalized usage of OpenSVC brings easy group-actions in an heterogeneous datacenter, like those needed for disaster recovery plan activation, or a more localized outage.

Source: FreeBSD OpenSVC clustered service manager available