One of the features that sets FreeBSD apart from other open source opeating systems, is its governance structure. FreeBSD is not owned by a company, though many companies use it and contribute code back, but yet is run as if it were a company, with the Core Team taking decisions and steering the Project.

The FreeBSD Core Team would be equivalent to the board of directors if the FreeBSD Project were a company. The primary task of the Core Team is to make sure FreeBSD, as a whole, is in good shape and is heading in the right directions. It is also responsible for approving new sourc committers, resolving disputes between developers, and appointing sub-committees for specific purposes, including responsibility for security advisories (the Security Officer Team), release engineering (the Release Engineering Team) and managing the ports collection (the Port Manager team). The Core Team has been elected by FreeBSD developers every 2 years since 2000.

The FreeBSD Project has completed the 2010 FreeBSD Core Team election, with the following developers elected:

Congratulations to all (re)elected and we wish the new team the best for the next 2 years.  May FreeBSD 9 and FreeBSD 10 become the best open source systems ever.

How the FreeBSD Project works