FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report (Apr – Jun 2010)

FreeBSD’s quarterly status report for 2010 Q2 is now available. This report covers FreeBSD related projects between April and June 2010.

It’s good to see so much activity, projects and contribution to FreeBSD, most of which is done by dedicated volunteers.

From the table of contents:

Google Summer of Code

  • Binary Package Patch Infrastructure — pkg_patch
  • Collective Resource Limits (aka. Jobs)
  • ExtFS Status Report
  • File System Changes Notification
  • Google Summer of Code 2010
  • Making Ports Work with Clang
  • Namecache Improvements — dircache
  • Package Management Library — libpkg
  • Packet-Capturing Stack — ringmap


  • Clang Replacing GCC in the Base System
  • DAHDI/FreeBSD Project
  • Distributed Audit
  • General-Purpose DMA Framework
  • GEOM-Based Pseudo-RAID Implementation — geom_pseudoraid
  • GPIO Framework
  • New System Installer — pc-sysinstall
  • OpenAFS Port
  • Resource Containers
  • V4L Support in Linux Emulator

FreeBSD Team Reports

  • FreeBSD Bugbusting Team
  • FreeBSD Core Team Election
  • Release Engineering Team
  • The FreeBSD Foundation Status Report

Network Infrastructure

  • Enhancing the FreeBSD TCP Implementation
  • libnetstat(3)


  • Interrupt Threads
  • Jail-Based Virtualization
  • Kernel Event Timers Infrastructure
  • ZFS


  • The FreeBSD German Documentation Project
  • The FreeBSD Hungarian Documentation Project
  • The FreeBSD Japanese Documentation Project
  • The FreeBSD Spanish Documentation Project

Userland Programs

  • BSD-Licensed grep in Base System
  • BSD-Licensed iconv in Base System
  • FreeBSD Services Control — fsc


  • Flattened Device Tree for Embedded FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD on the Sony Playstation 3
  • FreeBSD/avr32
  • FreeBSD/powerpc64
  • FreeBSD/sparc64


  • Chromium Web Browser
  • FreeBSD Haskell
  • Ports Collection


  • BSD-Day@2010
  • BSDCan
  • meetBSD 2010 — The BSD Conference

Read the report in its entirety: FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report (Apr – Jun 2010)

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