What version of FreeBSD are you using (Poll)?

Time for a Poll. If FreeBSD is running nicely on your server then there’s not always a need to update or upgrade to the latest versions.

Some people are still running happily FreeBSD 4.x on their servers, whereas others like to stay up to date, or even test FreeBSD 9.

Out of interest, it would be nice to see which FreeBSD versions are currently being used (this excludes any operating systems based on FreeBSD, e.g. PC-BSD). If you use more than one version, you may select more.

If you’d like a comment as to why you’re using the version(s) you’re using, feel free to do so.

What version of FreeBSD are you using

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  1. says

    I’m using freebsd for about 10 years. I’m still managing some 5.x on PIII hardware… (among others- Cisco NetRanger, FreeBSD instead of Solaris:))) and have several 7.x on newer platform. I don’t use X on them (no need to… console is enough :)), but in some cases I’ve installed Window Maker (fast, no fountains, enough for some basic X tools).


  2. Ales says

    I started to use FreeBSD last year. I decided to build home server for various tasks. As one of primary tasks this server has is data storage I decided to prefer system with ZFS over any other. So, I have chosen FreeBSD 8.1, because of good support of ZFS and because it was the only OS with ZFS support that had clear plans for the future and was well established.

  3. id says

    6 Openbsd (4.0-4.8) firewalls
    12 Freebsd 8.0-8.1 servers
    2 Freebsd 8.1 desktops
    5 Freebsd 8.1-9.-Current laptops

    I’ve been using OpenBSD/FreeBSD since 98, it’s on all of our servers except the one..for MS Exchange.

    I also use it on the desktop, with a Windows 7 VM (VirtualBox) so I have all the windows functions.

  4. dfowensby says

    used freebsd or redhat in the 90s. went to ubuntu almost exclusively for linux since redhat dropped open development at RH9.0. i am now using delightfully fun GhostBSD 1.5 (8.x based gnome live loader). you still must be very terminal-oriented even in a gui FreeBSD, but it shows promise for becoming Gnome-ists branch sort of like PCBSD does for KDE fans. and the /ports dir rocks (it IS FreeBSD, after all)!
    i do not recommend MidnightBSD 0.3 at this time (a gnome FreeBSD text live loader). boot up a pure FreeBSD DVD and avoid the bugs and the tedious 3-way CD swapping. of course it’s 0.3….try later.

  5. fbsduser says

    Main PC:
    OSX (yeah, “that” BSD)/Gentoo dualboot
    testing PC:
    NetBSD 5.1/FreeBSD 8.1/OpenBSD 4.8 triple-boot.

  6. says

    Whatever is the latest -RELEASE, here.

    Also, as already pointed out in the fBSD forums, people interested in making known their *BSD usage should contribute to the *BSDstats Project, at .


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