FreeBSD News WordPress Template (free)

Recently I came across this free ‘FreeBSD-themed’ WordPress Template (WordPress is a web-based platform creating a websites or blogs):


  • 2 columns,
  • black, red and white colours
  • Pages in header
  • RSS Feed button in footer
  • free WordPress template
  • Sidebar  on right hand side

If you want to set up a FreeBSD themed blog with standard FreeBSD colours, but without having to do much/any tweaking, have a look at this theme: FreeBSD News Free WordPress Template

3 thoughts on “FreeBSD News WordPress Template (free)

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  2. Gerard says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. There are so many good blogging platforms available, it’s difficult to keep up, and to be honest I’ve never heard of serendipity. Once you’ve settled with a platform it’s a pain changing over. If you’re looking for a good and reliable BSD webhoster, try FreeBSD VPS Hosting

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