sysinstall is no longer FreeBSD’s default installer

Nathan Whitehorn has committed the last changes in order to replace FreeBSD’s sysinstall with bsdinstall.

I just committed (r219641) changes that make the release infrastructure (src/release/Makefile) use bsdinstall by default instead of sysinstall on install media. A big thank you is in order to everyone who provided advice, criticism, and testing for this project over the last few months!

Along with sysinstall, the original sysinstall build stuff has been preserved (now usr/src/release/Makefile.sysinstall) and will continue to be for the lifetime of the 9.x release series, although it will not be used by default. This change modifies the process of building releases somewhat, so I’ll outline changes that people who run snapshot buildbots will have to make below, and some next steps planned with the installer.

The merge between PC-BSD’s pc-sysinstall and bsdinstall(bsdinstall and pc-install to merge) is yet to be completed

Read the whole of Nathan’s head’s up:


  1. says

    Finally! The installer was always a pain, for users as well as for (most) developers. FreeBSD really needs this kind of changes. Though it should have happen a few years before.

  2. Gerard says

    sysinstall was functional 10 years ago, but there’s so much missing that’s kind of expected by new users. At least it’s up to date again. There’s just so much man-power required to keep up to date and to further advance FBSD.


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