A new issue of the BSD Magazine came out this month: Wonders of Blender.

The title is a bit misleading. There’s a lot of mixed BSD news in there, and no main article that’s on Blender. Anyway, it’s good to see another free PDF issue.

From the table of contents:

Ramblings from the Rogue Admin

FreeBSD is a rapidly evolving target, which can be a surprise to many people used to FreeBSD.

DragonFly News

The real key to multiprocessor improvement in DragonFly is the same as with other BSDs: removing the giant kernel lock. DragonFly has been moving away from blocking mechanisms, and implementing a token system. All the global tokens in DragonFly have now been updated to run without that giant lock.

Run your Phone System on OpenBSD

Who says you can’t run your telephone system on the most secure OS around? Not me, for sure: I run two Asterisk installations on OpenBSD.

A quick look at the upcoming PC-BSD 9

Even though the release of PC-BSD 9.0 is still a little ways off in 2011, there has already been countless hours of work put into it, bringing many exciting new changes and features.

Drupal on FreeBSD part 4

Continuing the series on the Drupal Content Management System, we will look at creating a basic time-slot booking system.

Using FreeBSD to authenticate users with OpenLDAP and FreeRADIUS

We introduce a WIFI authentication environment using 802.1X with a RADIUS server (FreeRADIUS), a central database (like OpenLDAP) to store user and password, and using MSCHAPv2 protocol to avoid third party supplicants.

How To Setup OpenBSD On The Embeded Alix Card

In this article you will learn how to Install an operating system on an ALIX card. It’s a an invaluable tool for a System Administrator. Following this guide will help protect your internal network from the hostile Internet!

Setting up Git and Mercurial Servers

GitHub provides an excellent web-based interface to Git with extensive project management tools. Bitbucket provides an equally excellent web-based interface for Mercurial.

The Wonders Of Blender

Blender is a powerful software, but can also be daunting, especially for BSD users, as the award-winning software isn’t yet officially favored on BSD. Fear not! Let’s explore this wonderful tool, starting with the user interface.

Useful OpenBSD Tools

Generally speaking the UNIX world is famous for the rich set of tools it provides and the way it integrates with the rest of the system.