FreeBSD VPS Hosting with RootBSD – Exclusive Offer

If you are looking for an affordable and robust virtual server solution you can’t go wrong with RootBSD. RootBSD offers virtual private servers based on one of the most solid systems available.

VPS hosting is an interesting option to those who’d like to be in full control of their server (root access), but do not want to manage their own hardware or lease a dedicated server.
RootBSD offers advanced VPS hosting at affordable prices, using optimal hardware solutions. With their VPS hosting pachages you get outstanding customer support, combined with the stability and performance of the FreeBSD operating system.

RootBSD’s packages start at $19/month, and if you sign up through this link before 1 June and add FBSDNEWS as coupon code, you’ll get $10 off for the first month.

If you’ve ever wanted to try a FreeBSD VPS, why not try it now? I have close connections with RootBSD and can whole heartedly recommend their services. If you have any questions, drop me an email.

Link: RootBSD FreeBSD VPS Hosting


  1. subbsd says

    is there any news about the possibility of running FreeBSD9 (aka -current in RootBSD? A few months ago it was impossible

  2. mark at rootbsd says

    We have had issues with getting -current (freebsd 9) running in our xen virtual environment. however i will check on this again and see where this stands. Eventually we hope for improved support for freebsd in xen.

    if you have any questions please feel free to email me – mark @

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