Long before even Google Image Search, Google News or Blog Search existed, there was the handy Google BSD Search @ www.google.com/bsd

Today Google announced it is discontinuing some specialised search services:

We are no longer offering specialized search services at google.com/linux, google.com/microsoft, google.com/bsd, google.com/mac, google.com/about and google.com/unclesam. These services were established many years ago to offer search across a limited index of the web, which in the past was a better way to find this information. For example, google.com/linux was designed to help people find information from message boards and blogs about the Linux operating system. Today, search quality has advanced tremendously, and based on our analysis we’ve found that in most cases you’re better off looking for this kind of specialized information using the regular Google search box, for example by typing [linux fedora upgrade]. We understand that some users were surprised by this change, so we apologize for not communicating more clearly in advance of redirecting these services to google.com

I’m not sure how many readers would have used the BSD search functionality, but I tend to include the operating system in the search string when looking for a solution.