FreeBSD Installer 9.0 (BSDInstall) screenshots

If you haven’t ┬áhad a chance to try out the new FreeBSD Installer and you’re keen to see what it looks like, Phoronix has a couple of screenshots.

The new system installer is described as a modern installer for FreeBSD that’s able to take advantage of its more modern features. The pc-sysinstall installer, which is a complete replacement to its earlier installer, is written 100% in shell.

The Installer is referred to as pc-sysinstall, but that should be BSDInstall, I think. pc-sysinstall is PC-BSD’s installer, though it should be possible to make it a FreeBSD installer. Most of you will know that FreeBSD can be installed from the PC-BSD installation DVD.


  1. Freddie says

    I don’t remember all the specifics of how thing are right now, for 9.0, but I do know that the long-term plan is to make bsdinstall just a TUI frontend to pc-sysinstall.

  2. Gerard says

    @Freddie: Since PC-BSD is FreeBSD under the hood but optimised for desktop use, it makes sense to use the same tools

  3. CanT-get-Over-This says

    I mean… what can I say ?
    but this “new” bsdinstaller (FreeBSD9) is a real piece of caca.
    My 6 ms-dos (with the simple “format”) floppy disks, from 1993, were easier to configure and install onto a Hard-disk than this backwards-teck junk.
    (In other words, FreeBSD 8.2 was much better)
    … Even PCBSD’s installer is beautiful compared to this crap from FreeBSD, and how come ?
    Let me put it this way, OpenBSD’s installer makes MORE sense than this new bsdinstaller.
    Did Apple actually pay theses “wannabe” FreeBSD dev’s/prog’s to ruin this or what !!!???
    OR, how about maybe FreeBSD should get with the “real” acts’, u know, like /dev/sd*, instead of this hopeless meagerie of NON-DUAL-BOOTABLE anythingness ?! called ada0s3a2 ?? wtf – disk is that ?!@
    huh ?
    Oh comon’, be truthful now, is there anybody actually working/contributing to FreeBSD anymore. ?
    sry, I guess that’s yet another “un-answered” question..
    ahh nutz.

  4. Gerard says

    I prefer PC-BSD’s installer too. Did you know you can install FreeBSD with the PC-BSD installer? Give it a go.

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